Magnus Mobile App & Emergency Preparedness at K-12 Schools

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Magnus Mobile App & Emergency Preparedness at K-12 Schools

Did you know that most schools access emergency contact information 57 times a year?

We know the importance of mobile devices and that generally, everyone has their phone or tablet close by. And, we definitely understand the significance of always being prepared to care for students while on campus or during sporting events. The functionality of the Magnus Mobile App is designed specifically for the K-12 staff, allowing them to efficiently track student health information and to increase emergency preparedness at their school!

Having the ability to effectively care for students on and off campus is the key to ensuring they are healthy, safe, and ready to focus on what matters! With the Magnus Mobile App, users are prepared for every situation while on campus, during field trips, at away games, etc., by having access to student health data from any mobile device. Athletic staff can document injuries “live”, right then and there, so that they don’t miss any important information. Coaches have real-time access to student-athlete participation eligibility, and in case of an emergency, anyone caring for a student off-campus has the ability to email and notify the school nurse (and parents) right away.

Magnus 911 Emergency App

Who can use the Magnus Mobile App?

School Nurses, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Teachers, Chaperones, Administrators… anyone responsible for a student in any scenario, that requires access to the student’s health information (and has the permission to do so).

Why Do Users Love the Magnus Mobile App?

  • Parents have a simplified way to complete student health form requirements from any mobile device. 
  • Staff can access and fax a student’s immunization records with their Magnus911 emergency card. The immunization document shows the name of the immunization, current status, and all dates as they appear in the student’s health record.
  • School users can search for information by each student’s name or build a list using a specific Class Year tracker or a Group with a common factor.
  • Health Center staff and Athletic Trainers enjoy streamlined documentation features including Quick Treatments and SOAP Notes, concussion protocols, and active recovery plans.
  • Coaches can build designated lists of students based on their injury statuses to determine gameday or practice eligibility. 
  • The Communication Center within the app provides school staff with access to email and fax functionality at the click of a button.Are you interested in learning how staff at more than700 schools have streamlined their student care by using our Magnus digital Student Health Record (SHR) solution? Request your personalized Live Demo today!