Magnus Client Testimonials


Health Record at your fingertips

The Magnus online solution allows nurses to spend less time tracking down student forms and more time doing what a nurse does best, providing better student care.


All Staff Benefits from Digital Access

 Streamline cross-departmental communication by securely storing all of your documents in one online portal and providing role-based access to staff.


Emergency Response System

In case of an emergency, student’s medical information is sent immediately to the hospital, emergency contacts are notified, and emergency response teams are informed within minutes.

“The Magnus Portal makes it easy to see students health history, medications, allergies, and emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.”

Teresa Zaiff

Dean of Students Office Manager

Lake Forest Academy

“Magnus Portal allows the nurse and athletic trainer to know what each other is doing, which is helpful since we are not located in the same building.”

Ronald Hutchins


Athletic Trainer

Wooster School

“Magnus provides a single location for data collection & storage, offsite back-up, and remote digital access that is assignable to groups.”

Keith Huyssoon



Polytechnic School

“Our documentation is vastly improved since we added Magnus. I can quickly access information about students which I couldn’t do before. Magnus has been a wonderful addition to the health office.”

Nancy Hirschfeld



William Penn Charter School

“The Magnus Portal has been great. Very helpful for emergencies (we’ve used the 911 card several times this year), trip permissions and medical information for students, plus daily record keeping/nurse notation.”

Melinda Moore

Data Manager

Ethical Culture Fieldston School

“Magnus allows us to easily communicate with parents, especially our international parents, about missing health forms and immunizations during the registration process.”

Debra Bond


Director of the Health Center

Cheshire Academy

“Magnus has put needed information at my fingertips! It’s organized and concise. And the best part is it has streamlined my charting so it takes less of my time.”

 Cathy Cota


Mayfield Senior School

“Mangus is one place that my health care team can go to look at all pertinent information to better care for an athlete.”

Kelly Capobianco


Athletic Trainer

South Kent School

“Magnus portal provides easy access for record keeping, organizing, and it’s easier to generate reports.”

Pamela Wu


Office Manager

St. Therese Chinese Catholic School