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Meet Magnus Health | October Webinar

October 2022

Creating a School Culture that Supports Mental Health | Magnus Health Webinar

October 2022

Meet Magnus Health | Sept Webinar

September 2022

Managing Back to School Anxiety | Magnus Health Webinar

September 2022

Meet Magnus Health | August Webinar

August 2022

Magnus Webinar | Privacy & Security by Design

June 2022 – CONNECT Session

Magnus Webinar | Mental Health 101

June 2022 – CONNECT Session

Back to School Planning | Magnus Webinar

May 2022

Keeping Summer Safe: Best Practices & Lessons Learned | Magnus Health Webinar

April 2022

Get Your Summer Back: Be Form Compliant by Day 1 of School | Webinar

April 2022

Medication Admistration: School Policies, Best Practices & Lessons Learned | Magnus Webinar

April 2022

School Nurse Webinar: Improving the Family Experience & Supporting your Parents Regarding Student Health

March 2022

School Nurse Webinar: Covid-19 Vaccinations - Recommended or Required? | Magnus Webinar

February 2022

Best Practices for Re-enrollment | View Webinar

January 2022

Helping Students Stay in the Game for Winter Sports | View Webinar

November 2021

Navigating the Next Normal | View Webinar

September 2021

CV-19 Vaccinations and Symptom Tracking for the 21-22 School Year | View Webinar

May 2021

Get Your Summer Back | View Webinar

May 2021

Tools for a Safe Return to School | View Webinar

March 2021

Magnus ROI | View Webinar

February 2021


February 2021

The Next Normal: Student Health and Risk Management in 2021 & Beyond | View Webinar

December 2020

Best Practices for the Re-enrollment Process | View Webinar

October 2020

Tracking Flu Season and Immunization Mandates | View Webinar

September 2020

Covid-19 Parent Assessment App | View Webinard

July 2020

Compliance and Risk Management Considerations | View Webinar

June 2020

Managing Student Health in a Covid-19 World | view Webinar

April 2020

Digital Management of Student Health Data & Compliance | View Webinar

April 2020

Managing Immunization Compliance at K-12 Schools | View Webinar

November 2019

Data Security & State Regulation Compliance | View Webinar

April 2019

Magnus + SportsWare Partner Integration for K-12 Schools | View Webinar

December 2018

Best Practices for Digitally Chartering Student Health at K-12 Schools | View Webinar

September 2018

Security Risk Management for Independent Schools | View Webinar

February 2018

Sports Related Concussions | View Webinar

December 2017

Student Health Information Management | View Webinar

November 2017

Student Form Verification and Compliance: The Magnus Standard | View Webinar

August 2017

Evolving Health and Athletic Trends in Independent Schools | View Webinar

May 2017