Magnus Health Webinars

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Helping Students Stay in the Game for Winter Sports - Webinar

November 2021


September 2021

CV-19 Vaccination - Nurse Pannel

May 2021

Get Your Summer Back 2021

May 2021

Tools for a safe return to school

March 2021

Magnus ROI

February 2021

CV-19 Immunization Tracking

February 2021

The Next Normal: Student Health and Risk Management in 2021 and Beyond Webinar

December 2020

Best Practices for Re-enrollment webianr

October 2020

Tracking Flu Season & Immunization Mandates

September 2020

School health screening and tracking

July 2020

Compliance and Risk Management Consideration

June 2020

Managing Student Health in a COVID-19 World Webinar

April 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, webinar, schools

April 2020

Managing Immunization Compliance at K-12 Schools

November 2019

Data Security and State Regulation Compliance

April 2019

Magnus + SportsWare Partner Integration for K-12 Schools

December 2018

Best Practices for Digitally Charting Student Health at K-12 Schools

September 2018

Security Risk Management for Independent Schools

February 2018

Sports Related Concussions

December 2017

Student Health Information Management

November 2017

Student Form Verification and Compliance The Magnus Standard

August 2017

Evolving Health and Athletics Trends in Independent Schools

May 2017