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With a click of a button, all departments can have access to vital student information

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Magnus is Built to Benefit Your Entire School


Nurses Deliver Better Student Care

An easy to use online system allows nurses to manage medications, track immunizations, add treatment notes, and access vital health information.


Administration Saves Time and Money

Schools eliminate 120 hours of paperwork every year with online form collection, tracking, and reporting.


Parents Can Submit Forms Online

Simple online form submission saves time while automated email reminders keep parents up-to-date on approaching deadlines.


Coaches and Trainers Have Real-Time Access

Real-time treatment and injury notes online or via a mobile app help keep tabs on all your student athletes.


IT Can Seamlessly Integrate

Our seamless integration allows single-sign-on and all your student and parent information to automatically sync to Magnus.


Teachers and Chaperones Get Emergency Access

Access to vital health information on a secure, mobile app in case of an emergency in the classroom or on a field trip.

“The nurse can take care of kids now because she has more time to just be the nurse.”

-Amy Fogg Hirschfeld, Former Valley Beth Shalom Day School Communications Director

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