Quick Mobile Emergency Response System

When minutes matter the Magnus emergency response system gives you and emergency responders
immediate access to vital health information.

Schools report that they have an average of 9 medical emergencies a year

Mobile Emergency Response System

Send Vital Info to Hospitals

The emergency response system allows the user to send the entire health history of the student to the local hospital in the event of an emergency.

Automatically Notify Emergency Contacts

With the click of a button on any mobile device, parents and guardians can be notified instantly of an emergency situation.

Gives Access to Emergency Personnel

The app allows for emergency personnel to see the full health history of the student, including allergies, medications, and other life saving information.

School Emergency Response in Action

In the case of an emergency, student’s medical information is sent immediately, emergency contacts are notified and emergency response teams are informed within minutes – all from the Magnus Mobile App.


Streamline Student-Athlete Health at Your School

Teachers and Chaperones Get Access

With the ability to apply permission roles those caring for students on field trips have access to vital health information they need

Nurses Stay Organized

Set up clinic alerts and utilize medication trackers using forms already submitted by parents

Coaches Are Emergency Prepared

Call emergency contacts, fax emergency documents, and view health histories right from your mobile device

Improve Your Student Care Today!