Take the burden of student health off
your to-do list

No school nurse? No problem. Magnus Health is built to help your school address student medical needs – with or without a dedicated health staff.


Don’t let the name fool you – we also do more than health! Request a demo to see how our cloud platform digitizes all form collection – no matter the department.


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The easiest way to manage student health

Keeping up with the endless shuffle of school forms and parent communication can be a real challenge — especially when you have other responsibilities. The Magnus Health EHR is your centralized solution for all things student health. Everything is stored in one secure, easy-to-use digital platform for quick access to life-saving information.

Reduce administrative burden

Protect your school's data

Prepare for emergencies

Connect your community

Save time and money with paperless files

Spend less time sorting through paperwork and more time building relationships with your school community.

  • Digitally collect and manage documents like school policies, permission slips, and health forms
  • Easily access student health records and check medications, action plans, and allergy info
  • Improve parent communication with data-driven smart lists, automated reminders, and a secure platform
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Keep student health information safe

Share critical information and communicate securely across departments while protecting student privacy.

  • User-by-user permissions allow you to manage exactly who sees what
  • Full encryption for secure messaging across the system
  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant for hospital-grade security
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Be ready for anything

Solve the real-time scramble with emergency communication tools that are quick, reliable, and secure.

  • Access emergency contact details at a moment’s notice
  • Share vital health information to authorized emergency personnel and hospital staff
  • Consult students’ action plans for asthma, allergies, and serious medical conditions
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Integrate your student information system

Make it easier than ever to manage student health by integrating your EHR with your school’s SIS.

  • Get a 360-degree view of students’ physical, mental, emotional, and academic progress at school
  • Share treatment notes with authorized staff and school personnel
  • Make informed decisions with the most up-to-date and relevant information
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Ridley College

Magnus Health helps Ridley College improve communication and collaboration with paperless student health records

"It is beneficial to have specific records for each student where all information is stored. Magnus Health is also easy to navigate."
Health Centre Director
Company logotype
Appleby College,Ontario, CA
“Magnus911 and the mobile app are a secure way to send student data in an emergency and get rid of paper copies and binders that could breach confidentiality.”
Health and Wellness Director
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The Westminster School,Atlanta, GA

Automate student health and get back to what you love

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