Ridley College Improves Communication and Collaboration with Paperless Student Health Records

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March 17, 2023
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Ridley College Improves Communication and Collaboration with Paperless Student Health Records

The Challenge

Prior to Magnus Health, Ridley College used a combination of paper-based processes and an electronic medical record (EMR) solution to manage student health. While the EMR offered some nice features, it was designed for doctor’s offices and did not cater to K-12 schools.  

During the 2016 school year, Ridley’s nurse manager and IT department began to look for a new student health record (SHR) solution. They wanted a software system that was user-friendly for school nurses, eliminated paper-based processes, and prioritized data privacy and security

The Solution

After consulting with a peer school in the Ontario region, Ridley decided to implement Magnus Health as their new SHR. Together with Blackbaud as their student information system, Magnus Health has helped Ridley streamline workflows, enhance communication, and provide better student care. 

Ridley’s health office relies on Magnus Health in several different ways. For staff nurses, the SHR is a user-friendly way to document each student visit, stay organized with progress notes, and easily access student charts. For nurse managers like Teresa Stevens, Magnus Health is used for stats, auditing requirements, immunization tracking, smart lists, and parent communication

Outside of the health office, school counselors and athletic trainers have access to Magnus Health. Authorized users can share treatment notes across departments which helps facilitate internal communication and ensure consistent student care. Additionally, all athletic coaches and residential staff have limited access to Magnus Health so they can care for students on and off-campus in the case of allergies or other emergencies.  

“We love Magnus Health and have no issues with it. It’s user-friendly and does everything we need.”
– Teresa Stevens, School Nurse & Manager of Health Services

The Benefits

Several years after making the switch to Magnus Health, Ridley’s staff continues to benefit from the SHR solution. Highlights include: 

  • Improved communication: all notes and messages are saved within Magnus Health which makes it easy to look back and remember details without having to memorize everything. This has improved parent and student communications and saved the day more than once, according to Teresa.  
  • Increased compliance: health staff can run audits to identify any students with incomplete medical requirements and quickly send a parent reminder. 
  • Positive user experience: school nurses and health staff can easily access student health information and organize their charts better. Families are happy with it, too.  
  • Streamlined workflows: less paperwork means more productivity! Ridley’s health staff wanted a platform that was accessible for parents to input information without creating the need to store physical files — Magnus Health has allowed them to do just that. 
  • Accountability: the student check-in feature within Magnus Health has increased transparency to student whereabouts on campus, which is a major benefit.  
  • Enhanced reporting: one unexpected benefit from Magnus Health is the smart list feature. Teresa can automatically pull a report of students who fulfill certain criteria and save valuable time by eliminating manual work. 


“We love Magnus Health and have no issues with it,” says Teresa. “I live on it; it’s user-friendly and does everything we need. And the customer service is quick!” 

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