CV-19 Health Data and Private Schools

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CV-19 Health Data and Private Schools

The security of student health data is always top of mind for private schools.  They need to store important, often confidential, personal student information such as health records, emergency contacts, and more.

While data security has always been a concern, with the advent of the pandemic more than ever, there is a need for academic institutions to be proactive and more intentional about protecting important student information. Read on to learn more about how your school can optimize its health record security practices.

Vaccination Cards and CV-19 Test Results

There’s a lot that can go wrong when Protected Health Information (PHI) is improperly stored. These events can all compromise or destroy valuable and confidential student data, from physical damage caused by floods and fires to system malfunctions without a backup in place.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the development of vaccines, another document is added to the mix: vaccination cards. These health cards are documented on both a physical piece of paper and, in most cases, also electronically so healthcare providers can access them during routine appointments. They show the vaccine’s manufacturer along with the date and location of where the individual received it.  Additionally, many private schools are conducting regular CV-19 testing to keep their campuses and student populations safe. 

The privacy and security of the data must be considered when coordinating communication between parents and school officials regarding student testing and vaccination status. Communications such as email, or file attachments, are not secure communication channels and can create vulnerability for your school’s CV-19 data.

How Magnus Health Protects CV-19 Health Data

Magnus Health COVID tracking for schools, vaccination information, daily symptom assessments, and COVID test results are securely stored in a centralized location. Considering that 52% of data security breaches are caused by human error, Magnus eliminates this uncertainty by simplifying the document uploading process and complying with strict data security measures. By uploading vaccination cards and test results to a safe, web-based application, schools can securely report and selectively share student information in one centralized place on an as-needed basis.

Keeping vaccination cards online is an efficient way to document your school community’s health status. But even more importantly, it’s protected. Magnus Health utilizes state-of-the-art cloud technology to keep essential health records safe from damage and harm, including data breaches from external threats.

Magnus Health eliminates the need to store health information on paper (which could be lost or damaged) and allows authorized users proper access and sharing capabilities.

Additionally, Magnus Health allows each school and user to implement granular user-based permissions, so staff only has access to the students and the needed data for their specific school function and department. Implementing user-based access adheres to a minimum necessary policy and reduces the potential for unauthorized access.

Boosting Compliance and Reporting Capability

With Magnus Health, parents can also easily edit their child’s profile to add an immunization record.  Staff and faculty can also upload vaccination records for schools that require it. Then your academic institution can review vaccination cards and seamlessly report on essential information, including dosage types and dates. This helps overall school form compliance and allows schools to set reminders for any boosters and additional doses required by students, staff, or faculty.

With new documentation for COVID-19 vaccination records and test results being required by many private schools, Magnus Health  is a complete online health record solution to satisfy those needs.

Contact Magnus Health today to learn more about how electronic health records can provide your school more peace of mind this academic year.