Keeping Summer Campers Safe at Westchester Day School

Rachel Kauffman
May 23, 2023
Case Studies, COVID-19, Student Health
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Keeping Summer Campers Safe at Westchester Day School

The Challenge 

Throughout the school year, Westchester Day School (Mamaroneck, NY) has a student population of 300. Summer is a different story: each week there are nearly 500 campers rotating in and out. Averaging 40 – 50 nurse visits per day, the school needed a student health record solution that could help them stay organized, prepare for emergencies, and keep their summer campers safe and healthy.  

Organizing Medical Info 

As the School Nurse, Tikvah Rothberger, RN works with the summer camp staff to create a safe environment for campers. This includes collecting required health forms, identifying any special medical accommodations, and collaborating with school staff to ensure camper safety.  

Prior to the start of camp, Tikvah reviews camper health records within Magnus Health. She identifies campers with allergies and then shares this information with the kitchen staff to ensure safe mealtimes, along with camp counselors and staff who should be in-the-know. Magnus Health is also helpful to keep track of campers who aren’t regular students at Westchester. Tikvah and staff can trust that the medical information is accurate and feel confident about providing high-quality care to each camper.  

Preparing for Emergencies 

Camp staff orientation includes a presentation and training sessions from the health office. They walk through how to care for campers with diabetes, severe allergies, or other medical needs. This orientation also includes the proper protocol for communicating with parents or guardians in case of an emergency. Westchester relies on Magnus Health to easily access emergency contact information.

“During the school year, there’s not a lot of influx with students but in the summer we have tons of movement in and out. We usually have a printed list of emergency contacts but there are more students during camp. The greatest part about Magnus is the ability to pull up a webpage in two seconds and have both parents’ information right there. It’s amazing, especially in times of an emergency.”

– Tikvah Rothberger, RN

Staying Safe and Healthy 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Westchester used Magnus Health’s daily health screening and symptom assessment tool to monitor campers. Parents were able to test children at home before bringing them to camp using the Magnus Health mobile app.  

The past two years have seen an increase in summer camp enrollment after the start of the pandemic. In addition to Tikvah, Westchester has a full-time camp nurse and nurse assistant who work diligently to maintain campers’ health and safety through day-to-day activities and unexpected medical situations. Last year, for example, several students began experiencing an allergic reaction to a bubble activity at camp. Tikvah was able to communicate with staff about this allergen to prevent further incidents.  

Magnus Health is thrilled to partner with summer camps and K-12 schools to prioritize children’s health and wellness. Watch our on-demand webinar to hear how Westchester Day School and Charlotte Country Day School rely on Magnus Health to provide a safe and educational environment for kids throughout the summer and all year long.