Improving Form Compliance and Communication at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

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March 17, 2023
Case Studies, Student Health
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Improving Form Compliance and Communication at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

The Challenge

While students are enjoying their summer vacation, school nurses are busy tracking down required health forms for the upcoming academic year. This administrative effort occupies roughly 38% of health staff time — with some school nurses estimating closer to 50% since COVID-19.  

An electronic student health record (SHR) solution like Magnus Health can significantly reduce your administrative workload and improve your form collection process. Read this case study to learn how St. Margaret’s Episcopal School relies on Magnus Health to streamline form collection, improve compliance, and enhance communication.

Seamless Form Collection

Traditional form collection processes involve paper forms, manual data entry, and a hefty workload for health staff. With Magnus Health, parents can digitally upload their child’s health forms via desktop or mobile app. This digital process saves valuable time for both parents and staff. 

“Having Magnus Health eliminates the middleman of families having to email us and upload information each year,” says Emma Perry, school nurse at St. Margaret’s.  

Plus: returning families don’t have to start from scratch each year since their information is saved within Magnus Health. They can skip basic background questions and update what’s relevant, such as new medications or a change of address. This method allows families to complete the process faster and is a better user experience than traditional paper collection processes.

“Having Magnus Health eliminates the middleman of families having to email us and upload information each year.”
– Emma Perry, RN, School Nurse

Improved Compliance

Digital form collection has also helped St. Margaret’s reach 100% form compliance by the start of the school year. Magnus Health makes it easy to identify students with missing forms and send them an automated reminder email which prompts action and improves compliance.  

For immunization compliance, Emma uses Magnus Health to run reports at vaccination checkpoints like specific grade levels. She can send an email to a small group of people about the upcoming requirement. This targeted communication increases engagement as families pay more attention when they know the information is uniquely relevant to them.  

Additionally, Magnus Health syncs with the California immunization registry. State immunization records populate in Magnus Health which saves valuable time for the health office and makes it easy to follow up with individuals who don’t meet the requirement. 

“Before, I always had to ask families to send me their records; now, half of my students’ information is already there and I don’t have to,” says Emma.

Cross-Department Collaboration

Communication across internal school departments has also improved. Beyond the health office, St. Margaret’s guidance counselors use Magnus Health to document their student visits. This information can be shared with authorized users, as appropriate, which allows school nurses to better care for the child. 

On the flip side, Emma can chart in Magnus Health and share her treatment notes directly with counselors, teachers, or coaches via the SHR. This saves time and reduces manual effort or miscommunication.

Better Student Care

Schools like St. Margaret’s that rely on Magnus Health eliminate an estimated 120 hours of paperwork each year! Spending less time on paperwork allows school nurses and health staff to spend more time on student care (or enjoying their summer break).  

To learn more about Magnus Health and how we can help streamline your health office through digital form collection, request a free demo of our leading SHR solution.